Asset Management

Our asset management team is all about applying knowledge and specialist expertise to three specific areas of activity: estate management, operations and financial management.

Estate management is critically about relationships with your tenants and understanding their obligations under the terms of their lease.

Operational management is all about the effective management of maintenance of your asset, delivering services to your tenants and ensuring the long term integrity of the asset and avoidance of risk and obsolescence.

Financial management is of course critical to bringing together the whole picture of your asset, from accounting for rent and outgoings on a month basis to integrating capital programs for maintenance and improvement programs into annual budgets and future projections.

NAI Harcourts recognises the importance of these three areas and the benefits to our clients of providing them in harmony.

Our services include:

  • Tenancy management and reporting
  • Critical date management
  • Property lease administration reporting
  • Repairs and maintenance management
  • Contract management
  • Refurbishment and project management of capital works programs
  • Owners reporting
  • Billing, receivables and collection
  • Outgoings reconciliation and management.