Harcourts MarketWatch (August 2012, NZ)

14-Aug-2012 22:25:15

As we revel in the gold medal successes of our athletes this week, the nation’s property market is also in high spirits. All indicators are up this month, continuing to show improvement in a recovering market. However, the last in the race is still stock on hand, as the issue of further reductions in stock levels continue to plague the country. Auction volumes continue to rise as pre-approved buyers wait in the blocks to ‘Bolt’ for the finish line. Sellers, get ready for a medal.

Hayden Duncan, CEO, Harcourts New Zealand

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Disclaimer: All Harcourts MarketWatch figures are current to the end of the reported month and are compared to the same month ended for the previous year. ‘Written Sales’ is defined by all sales brought to contract status, where ‘Settled Sales’ are the results of contracts completed at the close of the reported month. Written Sales are a snapshot of the markets temperature while Settled Sales show what has happened in the previous month.

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